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2021 IJCNN Workshop



The International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) is the annual conference of the International Neural Network Society (INNS), which is one of top conferences in the fields of artificial intelligence and neuroengineering.

About this workshop

This half-day workshop will cover several topics:

Topic 1: Deep learning and neuroimaging
Topic 2: Neuroimaging and brain stimulation
Topic 3: Quantitative analysis of imaging data
Topic 4: Brain stimulation and neuroengineering
Topic 5: Personalized neuroimaging biomarkers

Meet the organizers

Does this workshop look interesting to you?
Feel free to join us !

LU Hanna

Dr. LU Hanna

Organizer & Keynote Speaker

Dr. Lu is a Research Assistant Professor and Core Member of the Neuromodulation Lab at the Department of Psychiatry, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Please explore The Brain X for more information.

Zhang Zhiguo

Prof. ZHANG Zhiguo

Co-organizer & Keynote Speaker

Prof. Zhang is with the School of Biomedical Engineering, Health Science Center, Shenzhen University. For more information, please visit the Laboratory of Medical Informatics & Neural Dynamics (MIND LAB).

Submit your study for oral presentation on 2021 IJCNN

Please submit your abstract to us for competing the slots for presenting your research on the world-class conference of AI and neuroengineering and fighting for the opportunities to join in the international scientific community: [email protected].

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