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HK-ASAP: Hong Kong Cohort of the Abnormal Sleep in Ageing Population


Research team members

PI: Dr. LU Hanna

Co-I: Prof. HU Xiaoqing

Co-I: Dr. YUAN Yixuan

Ethical approval:

CREC Ref No: 2023.496 Identifier:


Cognition, sleep and brain reserve in late adulthood

Sleep is a fundamental biological requirement for brain health. Poor sleep quality, as a modifiable risk factor, can jeopardize the cognitive functions. More specifically, sleep disturbance is increasing considered to be an underlying cause of age-related neurodegenerative diseases.

To better build this cohort, we invite the adults who have sleep disturbances and cognitive dysfunction to join this study. Comprehensive cognitive assessments and radiological assessment of the brain will be conducted in the coming years.

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We offer:

Safe and effective management of sleep disturbances and cognitive dysfunction in late adulthood.

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